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Lenovo EMC 2 PX2-300d (starting , 95% and stop)

Error Lenovo EMC 2 PX2-300d blocked in startup with 95% (Solved)

I have a Lenovo EMC 2 PX2-300D with 2 hard drives (2tb each) , I perform a FULL RESET using the web interface, and after the restart the only message in the Lenovo Display was "95%" , if I connect an LCD I get some LINUX messages about "Starting Kernell" and that's it,. the Hard drives looks fine because the HD leds are blue and the front leds in the drive are fine.

After a LOT of tries it was the solution

1) Turn OFF the lenovo PX2 and disconnect
2) Remove the hard drives
3) Turn ON the lenovo PX2
4) The system will ask for INSERT HARD DRIVE (if you have one connect the external monitor)
5) Insert Both Hard Drives
6) After some minutes (maybe 10-15) the system will start, the IP will be showed on the screen and maybe you will have to re-create the VOLUMEN and shared drives under the WEB environment.

This is the way it worked for me.. good luck


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